Antarctica Cruise

In 1999 I took an Antarctica Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina via a 2-day, 600-mile journey through the treacherous Drake Passage, and arriving at our Antarctica travel destination of the Antarctic Peninsula.

We spent 10 days of our Antarctica vacation landing on different islands and seeing the most amazing sights you will (or can) ever see anywhere in the world — Antarctica penguins, icebergs, seals, whales, glaciers… even a museum, an abandoned whaling factory, and a research station. I even got to go SWIMMING in Antarctica!!! (How many people can say that?)

Out of all the places I’ve been, this Antarctica cruise stands far and away the absolute best trip I have ever been on.

Please join me on this Antarctica travel vacation aboard the Professor Multinovsky, a converted ice-strengthened Russian research vessel. You will experience what I experienced, and you will learn how you can take an Antarctica vacation yourself!!! I know you will be inspired.

Affording an Antarctica Vacation

Traveling to Antarctica was not cheap. Take a look at my Antarctica FAQ to get an idea of what it cost me in 1999. Then check out my generic Saving For a Trip page if you want some good advice on how to sock enough money away for an Antarctic travel vacation cruise like this one.

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I hope you enjoy this Antarctica travelogue as much as I did making it!

Map of the Antarctic Peninsula